Your Privacy

We, (JoJo & Dirty David) webmasters of Alenda-Swingers do not keep any personal information about anyone.

We take your personal privacy seriously, and we do not now give, share or sell, nor ever have in the past, given, shared or sold the email addresses of our users with any other organization.

Your ads are not shared with any other organization, they are only viewable by visitors to the Alenda Swingers / adulthub family of sites.

You have the option within the ads section to turn off notifications, so that you do not get any mailings from us - we advise you to leave the notifications on, so that we can tell you when people have tried to contact you.

We do not hold any credit or debit card details for customers who pay in our shop, travel agency, or for membership fees of any of our sites. All card transactions are carried out by either CCBill, NoCHEX, or NetBanx or another credit card agency.

JoJo & Dirty David