Is swinging risky?

Swinging is probably less risky than playing golf!

Physical safety

Because swinging is very much a community, people know each other, and so trouble makers are few and far between.

If you are a single person going to meet someone new, always meet in a safe location such as a bar, club or restaurant. If after chatting to the person you don`t want to take things further, tell the person, and then leave. If the person follows you, go somewhere where you know friends will be, or to a police station, never lead a person to your home, unless you feel safe with them.

Tell a friend that you are going on a date, and tell them when you will be contacting them again. Tell them that if you are late calling, for them to call you. If they cannot make contact with you, tell them to call the police. Its better to be safe and maybe a bit embarrassed, than to be in danger.

Sexual safety

Research amongst swingers in the USA has shown that swingers have a lower incidence of sexually transmitted diseases than the general population. We don`t know if this is true in Spain, but we have not contracted anything yet in over 30 years of swinging in the UK and Spain, more than 50% of the time not using any protection.

Any genuine swinger will be happy to use a condom, and everyone should carry some with them to clubs, parties and personal meetings. If someone refuses to use a condom, tell them NO. Everyone has the right to choose to have their partner use a condom.

Risks to your relationship

Most swingers are in the scene for nsa (no strings attached) fun. If someone starts getting heavy ask them politely to move on. Guys and girls, don`t fall in lust/love with a couple. You will endanger the relationship of the couple. Remember the couple is here for their fun and enjoyment, you risk spoiling their fun by professing love for one or both of them.

Swinging is not the place to look for a new husband/wife, use a dating site where everyone is looking for love, rather than a swingers site where people are looking for sex.