Who are swingers?

Swingers are:

  • ordinary people who are not afraid to explore their sexuality.
  • people who enjoy having multiple partners for sex, (group sex).
  • people who like watching their partner have sex with other people.
  • couples who want to enhance their sex life.
  • singles looking for sex after a breakdown in a relationship.
  • singles who are not ready to marry yet looking for some action.

Swingers can be of any age from 18 through to people in their 70`s or 80`s.

Swingers include people from every racial group, every social group, every type of employment and every religion.

Swingers are not:

  • people who charge to meet for sex. No one in the swinging lifestyle charges for sex.
  • people who want to collect pictures.
  • people who want to involve children or animals - we report these people to the authorities as soon as we identify them.