Why Swing?

There are as many reasons for swinging, as there are people involved in the swinging scene.

The best reason for swinging is to meet new people, have fun with them and hopefully improve your sex life with your normal partner. A large part of the fun of swinging is the conversations between partners anticipating meeting someone new, and then talking about the experience after the meet. Most couples find that occasionally meeting other people to play greatly improves their own sex life.

Swinging by couples who have a stable relationship brings extra enjoyment into the relationship.

Research has shown that people who swing are more stable mentally read this page "Swingers, Mentally Healthier"

Why Not Swing?

  • Swinging by couples whose relationship is fragile is a dangerous game, as it is more likely to exacerbate the problems in the relationship than to help. We strongly advise couples who are having problems with their marriage to sort those problems before they get involved in the swinging scene.
  • religious reasons: This is a very shaky area, as there are a large number of priests, rabbis, mullahs, involved in swinging, though most conceal the fact. In the UK, most swinging in the 70`s was carried out in the priests house on a Saturday night.
  • It's regarded as dirty: In the UK, over 25% of the adult population is either involved in, or wants to be involved in, the swinging scene.
  • Fear of being "outed": The chances of being outed by other swingers is low, as to reveal the fact that you are s swinger, they have to reveal the fact that they are also.
  • Legal reasons: Swinging is completely legal in Spain and the UK, and all countries in the civilised world. In some countries in the middle east and asia any type of sexual expression is illegal.