What is swinging?

The Swinging Lifestyle basically boils down to "people meeting other people for recreational sex"

The basic rules are that there are no strings attached, that means that you may find a person or couple that you think are fantastic, and you may fall in love with them, but you should not expect that they will either feel the same way about you, or that they would even want to meet and play with you again. If you try to contact someone after a meeting and they do not reply, do not get upset or worried that you have done something wrong, just move on and meet someone else. Many swingers only ever want to meet people once, other will be the opposite, and want to have a friendship as well.

There are several main categories of swinging:

Straight swapping:

A couple meet another couple and exchange partners. Sex will then between the new pairings either in the same or different rooms.

For several years there have been variations on this with the females often playing together while the males watch, or play with the other female. More recently bi-sexual males have become more accepted and the females will now often watch the males playing as well.


This is where a couple will meet another female or male (either straight or bi-sexual depending on their tastes) and the three will play together.

Many couples look for straight single guys, and this is the easiest way for single males to play in the swinging scene. Most women are willing, able and keen to have more than one guy at a time.

Lots of couples are looking for single ladies. This is harder to achieve, as although there are many females in the scene, they tend to keep their profile hidden on the system and write to couples or singles that they like the look of.

One on One:

single ladies have an abundance of men to choose from, single men have a harder time, as the women tend to hide their profiles, and are far more choosy about potential partners than guys. Write a good profile, post some pictures showing all of you rather than just your face, and you are more likely to get a response. Do not post just cock shots, or you will probably get no replies at all.

Soft Swinging:

This is not really swinging, it is voyuerism. Couples will advertise for other couples to have same room sex with their own partners while watching and being watched.


Again a fringe activity. THis is where couples and singles will drive their cars to known "dogging" locations and then have sex with strangers in or beside their cars.

Gang Bangs:

This is where a girl wants to fulfil a fantasy of having larger groups of guys all to herself. A very common occurance, girls seem to love them, but many guys get cold feet due to being worried about their ability to perform in front of other guys, or they are afraid that the other guys will want to touch them. Guys, just remember, the other men there feel the same as you, relax, enjoy the moment, and realise that you are there to pleasure the girl.


This is a variation of a gangbang, at a bukake the guys are expected to come either on the face or body of the girl, or in the girls mouth. These girls love cum, and like to play with it.

Swinging Parties and Clubs:

Most clubs cater for couples and single ladies, though some will allow a few extra guys to join the fun. Check the web sites of the parties to find out their policy. Clubs will often hold different events on differnt nights catering to different combinations of couples and singles. More clubs are holding bi nights now where couples where one or both parties are bi sexual are catered for.